Focus on Loyalty Discounts for Existing Customers instead of Trying to Attract New Sales

Is it better to make a good day better or try to make a bad day good?

In marketing we’ve found that it’s certainly easier to build on a good day with capitalising on existing great customers and increasing their spend. It is impossible to build a successful retail business based on customers who come into your store once because of a sale and never return.

The focus instead should be on gaining more revenue from your existing loyal customers and in turn reward them for doing so. 

This can be done by implementing a loyalty program to get them shopping at your store more often.   The Virtual Retail Marketing loyalty App can track how customers respond to different offers, prizes or deals.  You can then tailor offers to customers’ preferences, even sending them push notifications or EDMs to advise them of upcoming items or events.

 The App is free for customers to download and provides a wealth of information to marketers and retailers to attract and engage their target consumer.  The App also includes the latest in retail technology – augmented reality. 

Competitions such as “Enter to win” or ‘Scratch N Win” become easy by simply using the App to conduct the competition and distribute the prizes for you.

 Loyalty Apps are paving the way of the future for serious marketers and retail outlets to capitalise on their existing customer base, provide intelligent insights and extract more disposable income.