How to Attract Customers to your Shop or Shopping Centre with Deal Exclusivity

Loads of research has proven that retail special offers are still wanted and needed in the market place. Over the years the exclusive or sale concept has been slightly undermined by places selling things that aren’t completely “special” or at the other end of the spectrum, by constantly going “on sale”.

Virtual retail Marketing conducted a recent EDM campaign which more than proved that customers are looking for a special deal, prize or the old age “What’s in it for Me?”.

By achieving over 54% opens and 17.6% click through rates, customers have told us that what they are looking for is what is special or exclusive from their shops. Customers naturally gravitate to be rewarded for buying items and being a loyal shopper.

So what makes a special, “special”?

  1. If it is seasonal or local.
  2. If it is a unique item or ingredient.
  3. If it is a limited item or you have nearly sold out – “sorry Sir, we only have one bag/kg/item/floral arrangement/special offer left!”
  4. It should be one of the best things that you sell.
  5. When it’s fresh, quality produce.
  6. When it has a story to sell behind it, i.e. one of a kind, new item in stock, sustainability, organic, first of its kind, new product.

Marketing Managers that encourage their retailers to provide exclusive offers and that can accurately market & target their consumers will always be ahead of the game in retail sales and attracting loyal shoppers custom.